You can find me on facebook. . .

Dear friends,

I am no longer blogging.  However, I have started a page on facebook called “Bunny Cottage”.  Each day I post pictures of my home and garden and post positive thoughts and scriptures as well.  If you would care to visit me on fb, I would love to have you come for a visit.  Always wishing you happiness, peace and love.  Vicki


When given the choice of being right or being kind. . .

d6166d528fa3469ecbb274a6fa84285c     choose KIND!

I pray for a world of kindness each day where all people are given the respect they so deserve.  Many people struggle each day just to make a living, have food on their table and a place to sleep each night.  I have been so blessed!  I need to do my best to help others any way possible, lift their burdens when I can and help them along life’s way.  Praying for each of you my friends and hoping you are all doing well!

*The tag above was made by “Under the Night Moon” on etsy.  You might enjoy looking at her work when you have a moment.


A little stroll down memory lane. . .

IMG_20140824_0001IMG_20140824_0002IMG_20140824_0004IMG_20140824_0005 (1)  I recently found an old box of pictures that my mother saved all these years.  The first pictures are of my childhood friends and classmates when I turned eight years old in 1959.  The second pictures are from 1956 when I was five years old.  These are pictures from a Sunday School Easter egg hunt and then pictures of my SS class on Easter morning.  I am still in contact with quite a few of these children some 58 years later.  Memories are precious things aren’t they?     “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”  Winnie the Pooh

Faith plants the seed. . .Love makes it grow. . .

045001005006007008012019023026030031034  Just a few of the flowers that are growing in my little garden today.  I always plant periwinkles in memory of my grandmother.  I never really knew her, but my mother said grandmother always had some periwinkles growing in her Texas garden on their farm.  We are having very warm temperatures here in Central Texas so I have been watering quite a lot.  Most of the flowers I have planted are perennials so they will return next year.  I have some poppy seeds that I will plant this autumn in hopes of pretty poppies growing this spring.  I have flowers inside my home as well.  I wanted to show you a beautiful Christie Repasy painting that I am fortunate enough to own.  I gravitate toward roses and have many rose paintings, rose china and rose fabrics in my home.  I have always loved my home and have tried to make it a happy and inviting place.  Wishing you a pleasant Saturday and a blessed week ahead, sweet friends. 

Sometimes the smallest things. . .

0f808f2cf300162c26d2f729c28a38fc  take up the most room in our hearts.

I recently planted a small cottage garden just outside my apartment.  I was so fortunate that the apartment manager would let me do this.  She is very pleased with the flowers I planted.  I think it looks very pretty.  I planted roses, rock rose, hardy hibiscus, impatiens, coneflower, summer phlox, daylilies, etc.  When I moved from my home and large cottage garden, I missed my garden so much.  Now, I have another garden, much smaller, but perfect for me.  I go out each morning and look at all my flowers.  It makes my heart happy!

A little pink teapot. . .

030     My friend, Pam, who I have been friends with since we were in the primary department in Sunday School, recently sent me this sweet pink teapot covered in tiny rosebuds.  It had belonged to her mother, Joyce, who passed away a few years ago.  Pam wanted me to have it.  She knew I would cherish it, and I truly do.  I am thankful for longtime friends.  Even though we live miles apart, we will always be friends of the heart.  I am thankful for each of you who stop by from time to time to visit with me.  I hope you are having a good week so far.  Sending you wishes for much happiness.     “Friends are connected  ‘heart to heart’.  Distance and time can’t break them apart!”

How you make others feel about themselves,

e1ec7577df000c4c4ec1291a0504864e  says a lot about you!           

One kind word can change someone’s entire day!

Hello, dear friends!  I hope you had a happy Fourth of July.  I had a wonderful time with my family.  I am happy to be back home in my little nest this evening.  Have a blessed week ahead.  Love to you all!                                      


God bless America, land that I love. . .


The Fourth of July will soon be here!!  What a holiday to celebrate America, my home!!  To me, the 4th of July means. . .freedom. . the bravery and commitment of our  soldiers and veterans. . .respect for our flag. . .thankfulness for all of the blessings we have as Americans. . .Image      

parades. . .fireworks. . .homemade ice cream and watermelon. . .swimming. . .building a sandcastle. . .Image     

family cookouts and picnics. . .carnival rides and cotton candy. . .the thrill of seeing our flag as it passes by. . .Image             

childhood memories of my parents and the values they taught me. . .not just by their words but by the lives they lived. . .I will soon be heading to New Mexico with my grandchildren to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We will be doing all of the above as we celebrate with my youngest son and his family as well as with my sister and niece.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday, dear friends, as we celebrate America!! 

“I am a princess. All girls are. . .

Image     Even if they live in tiny old attics.  Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young.Image   They’re still princesses.  All of us.”~Frances Hodgson Burnett,  the book and movie “A Little Princess”Image    This is a favorite quote from a favorite movie of mine.  I guess some would feel that this is not the way we should teach our girls to feel about themselves.  I disagree.  If you have seen the movie, you see that the “little princess”, Sarah, is a very strong character.  She is full of courage and fortitude and kindness and love.  All attributes we need more of in our world.  When I shop for beautiful flowers to plant, I always notice ladies looking at the flowers, too.  Trying to decide what to plant.  Trying to pick something to make the world more beautiful.  I think we ladies do have that desire in our hearts for beauty in our world.  We all deserve some pampering from time to time.  Dear friends, I hope you are seeing the beauty of yourself today.

My love affair with . . .


roses!  I can remember as a young girl loving the beautiful rose bush that grew in my neighbor’s back yard.  Every summer this bush would be covered in gorgeous red roses.Image  I would pick the roses and fashion them into a small corsage to wear on my playsuit.  I remember feeling so pretty adorned in those roses!Image  I think our passions are formed at a very early age.  I continue to surround  myself with beautiful roses both inside and outside my little cottage apartment.          What makes your heart sing each day?  Is it beautiful flowers, a smile from your grandchild, a bird’s soft song each morning?     “It was June, and the world smelled of roses.  The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”~Maud Hart Lovelace