Faith plants the seed. . .Love makes it grow. . .

045001005006007008012019023026030031034  Just a few of the flowers that are growing in my little garden today.  I always plant periwinkles in memory of my grandmother.  I never really knew her, but my mother said grandmother always had some periwinkles growing in her Texas garden on their farm.  We are having very warm temperatures here in Central Texas so I have been watering quite a lot.  Most of the flowers I have planted are perennials so they will return next year.  I have some poppy seeds that I will plant this autumn in hopes of pretty poppies growing this spring.  I have flowers inside my home as well.  I wanted to show you a beautiful Christie Repasy painting that I am fortunate enough to own.  I gravitate toward roses and have many rose paintings, rose china and rose fabrics in my home.  I have always loved my home and have tried to make it a happy and inviting place.  Wishing you a pleasant Saturday and a blessed week ahead, sweet friends. 


Sometimes the smallest things. . .

0f808f2cf300162c26d2f729c28a38fc  take up the most room in our hearts.

I recently planted a small cottage garden just outside my apartment.  I was so fortunate that the apartment manager would let me do this.  She is very pleased with the flowers I planted.  I think it looks very pretty.  I planted roses, rock rose, hardy hibiscus, impatiens, coneflower, summer phlox, daylilies, etc.  When I moved from my home and large cottage garden, I missed my garden so much.  Now, I have another garden, much smaller, but perfect for me.  I go out each morning and look at all my flowers.  It makes my heart happy!