When given the choice of being right or being kind. . .

d6166d528fa3469ecbb274a6fa84285c     choose KIND!

I pray for a world of kindness each day where all people are given the respect they so deserve.  Many people struggle each day just to make a living, have food on their table and a place to sleep each night.  I have been so blessed!  I need to do my best to help others any way possible, lift their burdens when I can and help them along life’s way.  Praying for each of you my friends and hoping you are all doing well!

*The tag above was made by “Under the Night Moon” on etsy.  You might enjoy looking at her work when you have a moment.



A little stroll down memory lane. . .

IMG_20140824_0001IMG_20140824_0002IMG_20140824_0004IMG_20140824_0005 (1)  I recently found an old box of pictures that my mother saved all these years.  The first pictures are of my childhood friends and classmates when I turned eight years old in 1959.  The second pictures are from 1956 when I was five years old.  These are pictures from a Sunday School Easter egg hunt and then pictures of my SS class on Easter morning.  I am still in contact with quite a few of these children some 58 years later.  Memories are precious things aren’t they?     “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”  Winnie the Pooh